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just for a moment,
that the world you long for
is actually possible.

Hi, I'm Fabian. I thrive at the conjunction of our deep humanness and relational systems design. I offer various forms of coaching, consulting and facilitation to those who want to fundamentally change the systems within which we live and work - and not just get ahead in the current one.

What I can help you with

Vision Mobilisation

You deeply long for a different world, you have ideas, you have dreams, you have faith that some else is possible? The gap between where we are now and where you long for all of us to be seems immense to you and the amount obstacles you see in your own way to contribute to change in any way make it hard for you to move?

Using the Vision Mobilisation framework I extend your field of possibilities by supporting you in finding the openings that are within capacity for you take the next steps in moving towards your vision and building structures that actually work for you, so that you can build up momentum. Get in touch with me to find our more.

Convergent Facilitation

You want to make decisions that work for everyone; decisions that make it possible for everyone in your team, community or organisation to stay together even in situations that are seem completely stuck, are complex and multi-layered or are strongly polarised? You want to create decisions that everyone can accept as their own and where everyone will want to support the implementation of the decision?

Using Convergent Facilitation I support everyone in your group to get what they need – rather than what they want. I create a container within which we can look at what lies underneath everyone's wishes and judgements (judgements offer great information about what is deeply important to us). This creates fertile ground for creative solutions to surface and it makes it much easier for people to shift, because they trust that what is important to them matters and it is co-held. All of this makes true win-win decisions possible. Get in touch to find out more.

Organisational Systems Design

You want to design processes and structures in your organisation in a way that aligns with your vision of a collaborative and caring future? You notice that just intending to make decisions together and sharing feedback more openly is in practice much more difficult than in theory – nevermind the immensely difficult topic of money and the question of who gets how much?

I support you in designing visionary and specific systems for making decisions, flowing resources, offering and receiving feedback, engaging with conflicts and sharing information.

Facilitation and Conflict Support

Sometimes just having support from someone who's not part of your group or relationship is all that's need to work through a tough situation. Navigating complex topics takes a lot of work. Who speaks when for how long and how often? How can offer a reflection that gives the person who spoke the sense that what is important to them is actually understood? When do we stop doing one thing and move on to the next? I support you by taking all those process decisions off your shoulders and create a safe container within which everyone can participate.


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