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I imagine a world in which we act from our hearts, collaborate with ease and collectively steward our shared global resources.

I offer coaching and consulting to those who want to fundamentally change the systems within which we live and work – and not just get ahead in the current one.

about me

I bridge gaps between humans. I’m a jack of all trades with a big heart, pleasured by making things accessible and energized from deep connection; a psychologist and human-factors engineer by training with practical experience in data science, product management, project management, facilitation and leadership of teams and organisations. Now committed to the rigorous practice of nonviolence and a vision of a world that works for all (and not just for the good guys).

what i do

I know that a different kind of collaboration is possible, if we can all trust that we matter and that we will be fine. We are not there yet, we carry too many old habits within us, too many parts that are too painful to look at. I offer pathways and tools to restore and build trust and enable collaboration that creates connection, flow and joy for everyone involved.

I’m stewarding the Convergent Faciliation (CF) Learning Community, building pathways for everyone to effectively learn and offer CF to the world, finding the leverage points to support the emergence of collective stewardship and collaborative decision making in the world. Check out the Convergent Facilitation Website.

I’m stewarding the emergent Vision Mobilisation Community, building an interdependent web of individuals, groups and organisations to build capacity to move towards the world we long for, fully embracing where we all are now and what is possible for us to do. Check out the Vision Mobilisation Website.

coaching &


I’m offering online (timezone CET/CEST) and offline (Göttingen/Germany/Europe) coaching and consulting for individuals, groups, communities and organisations to turn conflicts into opportunities for learning and growth, finding clarity on where to go, building the foundation for true collaboration and self-organisation.


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